1815 Capped Bust Quarter

The 1815 Capped Bust Quarter (Buy on eBay) represented the first issue for the series and also the first issue of the denomination to be struck since 1807. The full mintage of 89,235 coins was delivered in two parts. The first 69,232 coins were delivered on December 16, 1815 and the remaining 20,003 coins were delivered on January 10, 1816.

The latter delivery took place the day before a massive fire broke out at the Mint. As a result of the fire, production of gold and silver coinage would not be resumed until the following year. In the case of quarter dollars, production would not resume until 1818.

Despite the lower mintage, the 1815 Capped Bust Quarters are not as scarce as generally thought. A higher than average number of coins survive since many were likely saved as souvenirs. A number of pieces have been graded gem or finer at the major grading services. The finest known example graded NGC MS-67+ with star designation and CAC verification sold for $282,000 at auction in 2013.